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Kanpur Metro’s Terratec TBM S93 Arrives for Tunneling


Gulermak – Sam India JV last week received tunnel boring machine S93 in Kanpur for tunneling the first 3.619 km section of the 32.4 km Kanpur Metro Phase 1 project’s 8.6 km underground section.

This new 6.52m diameter & 120m long Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machine passed factory acceptance tests at Terratec’s facility in November 2021. Per the tunneling plan, this machine along with refurbished TBM S92 (details at the bottom) will be deployed on Package KNPCC-05 for a total of 4 drives each:

  • Bada Chauraha to Nayaganj: 989.5m
  • Permat Ramp’s cut & cover tunnel to Chunniganj: 414m
  • Chunniganj to Naveen Market: 748m
  • Naveen Market to Bada Chauraha: 516m

Gulermak – Sam India was awarded Package KNPCC-05’s contract by UPMRC in March 2021 with a combined value of Rs. 769.23 crore & USD 3.674 million. Besides tunneling, they will construct 4 station at Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj each 215m long.

Route of Kanpur’s first underground section (Ramp – Nayaganj) with the exact location of stations enroute – view Kanpur Metro route map & information
New TBM S93’s parts arriving in Kanpur – Photo via Vishnu Tiwari

Gulermak-Sam India’s other TBM S92 passed factory acceptance tests in mid-November in nearby Lucknow. It’s a refurbished machine made through a combination of Lucknow Metro’s S52 & S53 TBMs.

Refurbished TBM S92 in Lucknow

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