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Work Begins for Mumbai Metro Line-5’s Kasheli Creek Bridge


Afcons Infrastructure this past week began work for a 550 meter bridge over Kasheli Creek of Mumbai Metro’s 24.9 km Line-5 (Orange Line) which will connect Thane and Kalyan.

The team is first constructing a temporary jetty to aid in the bridge’s construction – and this activity marks the start of marine work for this new elevated line in north-eastern Mumbai.

Most of the construction activity so far has been concentrated on-ground between Kapurbawdi and Kasheli Creek. Afcons had started launching U-girders in March 2021 and had launched 68 U-girders as of last Monday – see more progress details at the bottom of this post.

Afcons’s 12.811 km Package CA-28 of Line-5 connects Kapurbawadi with Bhiwandi and consists of 7 seven stations en route at Kapurbawadi, Balkum Naka, Kasheli, Kalher, Purna, Anjurphata, and Dhamankar Naka.

Kapurbawadi – Dhamankar Naka section of Line-5 – view Mumbai Metro info & map

Snaps via follower Yubraj Thapa:

Work Begins for Mumbai Metro Line-5’s Kasheli Creek Bridge
1st beam for the jetty

Here’s how the Line-5’s status looks like as of May 25 shared by an engineer working on the line. I’ll add total scope numbers for each when available.

  • Piles: 1450+
  • Pile Cap: 312
  • Piers Cast: 287
  • PSC Pier Caps Cast: 131
  • PSC U Girders Cast: 100
  • PSC I Girders Cast: 6
  • Pier Caps Erected: 58
  • U-Girders Erected: 68

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