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KEC Wins Bangalore Metro Phase 2A & 2B’s Power Supply Contract EPC6-CC


KEC International this week was declared as the lowest bidder for the 66KV power supply contract EPC6-CC for Bangalore Metro’s 57 km Blue Line by Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL).

This new under construction line of Bangalore Metro’s Phase 2A (ORR Line) and Phase 2B (Airport Line) projects will connect Silkboard – KR Puram – Bengaluru International Airport through 30 stations on the Outer Ring Road and national highway NH-44.

Besides 66kV underground cabling works, this critical systems contract includes commissioning construction of a power transformer and three receiving substations (RSS) at K.R. Pura, Yelahanka and Airport Depot.

BMRCL had invited bids it in November 2023 with a Rs. 235.10 crore estimate and 2 year deadline.

Financial Bid Values

Firm Bid (Rs. Crore)
KEC International 248.61
Jackson – Universal JV 263.53
Rahul Cable 275.58
KEI Cable 279.23

Brief Scope: Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 66/33kV RSS with 66KV incoming cabling from Grid-Station for Phase-2A & 2B. .

KEC Wins Bangalore Metro Phase 2A & 2B’s Power Supply Contract EPC6-CC
Route of Bangalore Metro’s new Blue Line on the Outer Ring Road and NH-44 – view Phase 2A info and Phase 2B Info

KEC’s bid of Rs. 248.61 crore was marginally higher (5.74%) than BMRCL’s estimate of Rs. Rs. 235.10 crore, so a contract should be awarded in the coming weeks without negotiations.

Here’s a more detailed scope from the tender documents of what KEC’s work will entail:

  • Visit the Receiving Substation sites for familiarisation with the working surroundings and environment.
  • Detailed route survey including RADAR survey and test/trial pits for 66kV UG cables from KPTCL GSS to BMRCL RSS engineering, Supply, Laying, Testing and Commissioning of 66kV UG cable from KPTCL GSSS to BMRCL RSSS.
  • Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 66kV UG cable terminations at KPTCL GSSS and BMRCL RSSS.
  • Detailed Design Works associated with the construction of RSS building including all electrical, civil, architectural, and structural, drainage, plumbing works etc.
  • Verification of designs provided by the DDC (Traction) to ensure that tentative capacities, ratings and quantities of equipment indicated in the tender document meet the operational requirements and suggest modifications, if required.
  • Procurement/Manufacturing of equipment as per approved specifications.
  • Delivery of equipment at BMRCL site.
  • Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Three nos. 66/33 kV (AIS Type) RSS including 66/33 kV Power transformer, RSS Civil Building including building services & electrification, Control & Relay panel, 110 V battery & battery charger at: K.R. Pura, Yelahanka, Airport Depot
  • Supply of Contract and DLP spares, tools, equipment, Training, Operation and maintenance manual and other documentation; and
  • Deal and resolve in coordination with the Engineer the interface with other Contractors, Power Supply Authorities and local authorities like BDA, BBMP, NHAI, BSNL and other State Government Authorities to ensure timely completion of the works.
  • Protection Coordination with KPTCL.
  • Deal and resolve in coordination with the Engineer the interface with KPTCL and other Power Supply Authorities, to ensure completion of works in their premises as per schedule.
  • Installation plan, Engineering, Preparation & submission of Good for Construction (GFC) drawings and Method statements for installation works.
  • Testing includes integrated Testing and Commissioning.
  • Submission of all the construction drawings, documents and manuals and as-built drawings of above installations.
  • Supervision of maintenance during DLP.
  • Provide knowledge transfer and training to Employer’s staff.
  • Any suggestions / improvements in the design works by DDC within the tender requirements, is to be carried out by the contractor at no extra cost to BMRCL.

With civil construction well underway across 5 civil packages, BMRCL’s tender evaluation team is currently focused on squaring away all system contracts. Back in June 2023, Larsen & Toubro was awarded 2 contracts for its track-work.

A list of all civil and systems contractors can be viewed here for Phase 2A and here for Phase 2B.

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