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L&T Launches Delhi – Meerut RRTS Package 3 Lot-2’s Final Segment


Larsen & Toubro (L&T) on Saturday celebrated launching their final of 4948 precast segments for 82.15 km Delhi – Meerut RRTS (RapidX) project’s Package 3 Lot-2 in Meerut.

15 km Lot-2 connects Modinagar North and Shatabadi Nagar via 5 elevated stations south of Meerut city. L&T’s team had launched their first 10.5m precast segment for its viaduct in March 2021 between piers P1054 and P1055 in Mohiuddinpur, south of Meerut South Station.

The final segment’s launch, a major milestone for the project, was recorded between piers P1188 and P1189 between Meerut South and Partapur stations, adjacent to the Indian Railways’ line.

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National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) had awarded 31 km Package 3 Lot-1 and Lot-2’s construction contracts to L&T in March 2020 with a 910 day (2.5 year) deadline.

For Lot-2, L&T’s team utilized two casting yards to churn out box segments – one located at Shatabdi Nagar (view on Google Maps), and the other located at Muradnagar’s Manota village (view on Google Maps) which with 18 long-line and 18 short-line beds is claimed to be one of India’s largest yards.

Lot-2 includes the construction of 5 elevated stations at Modinagar North, Meerut South, Partapur, Rithani & Shatabdi Nagar. Among these, Partapur and Rithani stations will only be serviced by 3-coach Meerut Metro trains.

Package Lot-2’s route map: Modinagar North – Shatabdi Nagar view NCR RRTS info & full map
L&T Launches Delhi – Meerut RRTS Package 3 Lot-2’s Final Segment
L&T’s team – Photo by a follower

With this development, segment launching activity has been completed for 4 out of 6 elevated packages of the entire project. The other 3 include KEC – CCECC JV’s Package 1APCO – CRFG JV’s Package 2 (which became operational in October 2023), and L&T’s Package-3 Lot-1 (Duhai – Modinagar North).

Trial runs (train and system testing) have been underway since December 2023 on a 25 km route between Duhai and Meerut South stations located on Package 3’s Lot-1 and a portion of Lot-2. With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, we’ll soon find out if they get rushed into opening or not. Stay tuned!

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