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Kanpur Metro KNPCC-05’s Final Tunnel Ring Segment Cast by Gulermak – Sam JV


Gulermak – Sam India Builtwell JV last week poured concrete and celebrated casting their final tunnel ring segment for 32.4 km Kanpur Metro Phase 1‘s underground Package KNPCC-05.

Their casting yard is located in Kanpur’s Khyora neighborhoood (view on Google Maps) from where I estimate approximately 3500 segments have been cast to build twin tunnels between MacRobertganj (Permat) Ramp – Nayaganj Station on Kanpur Metro’s 23.785 km Line-1 (IIT Kanpur – Naubasta).

3.619 km long KNPCC-05 is the first of three underground sections of Kanpur Metro’s Phase 1 where construction work started in October 2021. It consists of 4 twin-tunnels (total 8), and of those 6 tunnels have been built so far between Chunniganj and Nayagang by two Terratec EPB tunnel boring machines – TBM Tatya (S92) and TBM Nana (S93).

Cake anyone? – Photo by Debabrata Adhikari

Each reinforced concrete ring is 1,400mm wide by 275mm thick, and consists of 5 segments + 1 smaller ‘key’ segment.

Kanpur Metro KNPCC-05’s Final Tunnel Ring Segment Cast by Gulermak – Sam JV
Casting mould – Photo by Debabrata Adhikari

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) had awarded Gulermak – Sam India with Package KNPCC-05’s construction contract in March 2021 with a 36 month deadline.

Besides constructing twin tunnels, they’ll be building 4 stations at Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj, each 215m long.

Route of Kanpur’s first underground section (Ramp – Nayaganj) with the exact location of stations enroute – view Kanpur Metro route map & information
UPMRC & Gulermak-Sam JV’s officials – Photo by Debabrata Adhikari

Here’s a list of tunnels completed so far by both TBMs Nana (up-line) and Tatya (down-line). The months below indicate the tunnel breakthrough month – check out the links for images.

Both machines are currently on their 4th and final drives from the Cut & Cover Shaft located in MacRobertganj (Permat) to Chunniganj Station – a distance of roughly 414 meters. Nana will be the first to finish its job followed by Tatya, which I believe should arrive by end of February based on past excavation rates.

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