Vossloh Wins Bhopal & Indore Metros’ Track Turnout Contract


Vossloh Cogifer earlier this month was declared as the lowest bidder to supply standard gauge rail turnouts (Package BHIN03C) for Indore Metro and Bhopal Metro’s Phase 1 projects.

These turnouts of 60E1 (UIC60) specification will enable both systems’ 52 Alstom trains to guide from one track line to another when sections of each start becoming operational, which I estimate would happen no sooner than mid-2024.

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Co Limited (MPMRCL) invited tenders for this contract in February 2022 with a 924 (2.53 year) deadline and unknown estimate.

Financial Bid Values

Firm Bid (Rs. Crore)
Vossloh Cogifer 36.78
Voestalpine VAE VKN 59.82

Brief Scope: Design Manufacturing and Supply of Standard Gauge 60 E1_UIC 60_Turnouts for Bhopal Metro Rail Project and Indore Metro Rail Project

Representational image only– Photo Copyright: Daily Mail

MPMRCL’s estimate is unknown to me, so I can’t provide an assessment on the chance of a LOA getting issued to Vossloh.

Both projects have 3 combined rail packages. Here’s the status for each:

A list of all Indore Metro and Bhopal Metro’s packages & their status can be viewed here (Indore) and here (Bhopal).

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