URCC Launches Indore Metro Super Corridor Section’s 1st Segment


Engineers from URC Constructions on a subcontract from Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. (RVNL) on Monday launched the first segment for Indore Metro Yellow Line‘s 10.927 km MR10 Road – Gandhi Nagar section (Package IN-03).

The 1st segment was cast in April 2022 with a top width of 8.5m, bottom width of 3.5m, and weighs approximately 37 MT. Workers launched it between Super Corridor 2 and Super Corridor 3 stations.

Getting lowered onto a trailer at the casting yard near TCS Chauraha – Photo via KC Chauhan

RVNL was awarded a Rs. 1034 crore contract for 33.53 km Indore Metro Phase 1 project’s Package IN03 in September 2021 with a 847 days (2.32 year) deadline.

Besides a 575m depot-line, they will also be constructing 9 elevated stations at Gandhi Nagar, Super Corridor 6, Super Corridor 5, Super Corridor 4, Super Corridor 3, Super Corridor 2 and Super Corridor 1, Bhawarsala Square and MR 10 Road.

Map of Gandhi Nagar – MR 10 section of Yellow Line via the tender docs – view Indore Metro info & full map
Photo via RVNL
Photo via RVNL

By back of the hand calculations, I estimate approximately 3000-3200 segments will be launched for this section’s superstructure.

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