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L&T & YFC Awarded Patna Metro’s Construction Contracts


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on Wednesday awarded Larsen & Toubro and YFC – MCL JV with two major civil construction contracts for Patna Metro’s Phase 1 project.

PC-03: Awarded to Larsen & Toubro for Line-2’s 8 km Rajendra Nagar – Patna Junction Railway Station section with 6 underground stations.

PC-04: Awarded to YFC – MCL JV for Line-1’s 4 km Danapur – Patliputra Ramp section and 4 km Mithapur Ramp – Khemni Chak section with 7 elevated stations.

Financial bids for both packages (PC03 & PC04) were opened back in July 2021, and the issuance of LOAs is a good indicator that a basic loan agreement has been reached with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) – the chief lender of the project.

Package PC-03: L&T

  • DMRC’s Estimate: Rs. 1958.81 crore
  • L&T’s Bid & Final Contract Value: Rs. 1989 crore
  • Completion Period / Deadline: 42 months
PC-03: Patna Junction – Rajendra Nagar Ramp underground section – view Patna Metro information & route map

This 8 km section of the 14.05 km Line-2 will connect a ramp near Rajendra Nagar with Patna Junction Railway Station through twin tunnels and 6 underground stations. L&T will be required to deploy a minimum of 4 tunnel boring machines (TBMs).

This is the second and final civil package of Line-2 after Package PC-01 which is under construction by NCC. Financial bid values of 4 bidders can be viewed here.

Package PC-04: YFC – MCL JV

  • DMRC’s Estimate: Rs. 527.62 crore
  • YFC – MCL’s Bid: Rs. 553.49 crore
  • Final Contract Value: Rs. 553.50 crore
  • Completion Period / Deadline: 36 months
PC-04: Danapur – Patlipura Ramp and Mithapur Ramp – Khemni Chak sections with the indicative location of stations – view Patna Metro information & route map

This package of the 16.86 km Line-1 comprises of two disjointed elevated sections on either side of the line which connects Danapur Cantonment with Khemni Chak through 14 stations.

The first – a roughly 4 km section connecting Danapur with Patliputra Ramp through 4 stations, and the second – another roughly 4 km section with 3 stations connecting Mithapur Ramp with Khemni Chak Station which’ll allow users to switch over to the 14.05 km Line-2 (Patna Junction Railway Station – New ISBT).

This is the 1st and penultimate civil package of Line-1. Financial bid values of 3 bidders can be viewed here.

With these contracts squared away, I’m expecting basic ground work to begin by February with full-fledged construction work starting in Q2 2022.

For Line-1, tender notice(s) are still pending for the roughly 8 km underground section between Patlipura Ramp and Mithapur Ramp. That section will comprise of 6 stations at Rukanpura, Raja Bazar, Patna Zoo (formerly JD Women’s College), Vikas Bhawan (formerly Raj Bhavan), Vidyut Bhawan, and Patna Junction (interchange).

A list of all Patna Metro packages and their status can be viewed here.

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