Metros Tenders

June 2021 Site Update


Hi everyone – hope you’re all staying safe & healthy during this challenging time. Just wanted to provide a quick update on the current and future status of the blog.

Given the situation created by COVID, the last month was particularly slow for the blog with all metro organizations postponing / rescheduling bid submission deadlines for ongoing tenders. There were weeks where I started with a list of 10-15 tenders to track bid opening – only to see them getting wiped out one by one as the week progressed.

I also got a little busy with work (yes, I have a day job 🙂 ) and foresee things getting busier down the road. Posts and replies may be delayed, but I’ll try being as active as possible.

That said, I’m going to be out for the next 2 weeks. In my absence, if there’s any news, construction updates or tender results I should be aware of then please leave a comment below or shoot me a message using the contact page.

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Thank you so much for your continued support!


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